Ted Pilger

(photo from Colorado, 2017)

Hi everyone! Well, I dropped out of college at SUNY New Paltz, NY, and became a hippy, got married, went to Woodstock, lived 4 years on a commune in Oregon called Sunnyridge , and moved to Santa Barbara, CA to raised a family with my wife Ellen Sue. I worked 30 years as an office machine repairman and in 2010 moved to Lafayette, Colorado to live closer to family. I'm officially retired but work part time at my grandkids' school in the cafeteria. I love it.

Our oldest son, Jamal is a successful web developer and got me hooked on this art form. He and his wife, Nicole gave us 2 beautiful grandchildren and live in Lafayette, Colorado. Orion graduated from Biola university in 2019 and Cambria is currently attending Whitworth university in Spokane Wa.

Our daughter, Faith, and her partner, Al Barillaro, live in NYC. She has been a professional modern dancer, producer, and Pilates Instructor. She is currently expanding her career to include teaching. Al makes commercials for his own company, "BigSister'sWatching" Their son, Jack Barillaro, is 10 (2019) and the beloved of the Barillaro family.

Adam, a natural-born musician and chip off the old block, settled in Seattle, had an alternative band for a while, and had a daughter named Kira, who has a Masters in early child development. Adam also fathered our 6th grandchild, Tessa and 7th grandchild, Zen, with other partners.

And yes, I'm the guy who designed this website. It's been a hobby for years. Please use the interactive features to add your presence to it.

So...throughout all of life's experiences, I was always searching for something. I even wrote in my Bible as a child, "For those who seek the Ultimate". I loved the many truths in the Bible but was never really satisfied with religion. Meeting my wife, Ellen Sue, was meeting a kindred spirit. She loved the quote from Saint Francis, "make me an instrument of thy peace", a peace we both only suspected and hoped existed somewhere.

I studied philosophies, Eastern religions, the Rosicrucians, The Torah, Astrology, the Urantia Book, I Ching, Timothy Leary, esoteric Christianity, and finally settled for a simple truth...Count your blessings, really watch for them and be thankful, and more and more seem to come your way.

They say, "When the student is ready, the Master will appear".
In the spiritual "university", that means the student is slightly jaded and tired of the pleasures and pain, illusory hopes and fears of the world and the plethora of answers offered to the mysteries of life and the big questions.

The true teachers, Saints, Masters and Gurus all say the same things. The real answers lie within, and the way to discover the path can only be achieved through a trusted teacher who actually has taken the journey of Soul and truly knows it's reality and bliss.
This is nothing new...we have always had a teacher. We've progressed from our own parents, to our siblings and friends, to professors and mentors. And when Soul is ready the spiritual Teacher suddenly appears.

The Biblical statement that "No one knows the Father (Source of our being) but the only begotten Son of God" is one of the most profound statements to me. I would add an amendment to this by saying...no one can recognize the Son but the "readied" Soul...and no one really "knows thyself" (Soul) but the true "Seeker".

As a life-long "Seeker" I immediately recognized my final mentor and guide. As a student, my mind has been thrilled with the answers to life's big questions. I have personally experienced "awakenings", "realizations", and a taste of love that surpasses all understanding. I have walked a path for many years now that ironically is "So simple it's ridiculous" yet so all-encompassing and demanding that the idea of achieving the goal by the power of intellect and mind alone is also "ridiculous".

This Path is actually build into the very fiber of Soul and has manifest in the world as a literal "temple of God" (a human body).
This Path has been forever passed down from Master to Disciple.
This Path has been called the path of "Light and Sound" (true knowledge and pure consciousness).
This Path is traveled in consciousness, is a path of "realization", of devotion to an Ideal, of "awakening", and of true Love (that misunderstood concept but forever burning desire in every human).
This Path in America has been coined the MasterPath (The divine science of light and sound).

MasterPath is not for everyone; the truth may set you free, but first it will actually piss you off! (I read that someplace...funny but true)
The MasterPath is not for everyone; some people don't give a hoot about God, spirituality, or finding out "who you really are"...and that's fine. You must be ready. Life is actually the best teacher until you are.
Your heart is your best guide, whether it attracts to you some teaching, philosophy, religion or group...or whether it gets you in hot water.
In fact, interest in the Light and Sound teachings is not even your choice! Soul listens to a higher calling, even when Ego and Mind detest what is happening.
So...Don't worry! Be Happy! We are all much more than we think. We have been given powers beyond imagination.